Cyberloop joins Google Cloud partner advantage program

Cyberloop joins Google cloud partner advantage program with focus on advanced digital solutions to fast track the energy. As a Google Cloud partner, Cyberloop will introduce its applications, built on Google Cloud, into the energy and resources sector, fast tracking projects that aim to improve efficiencies and net Zero technologies.

Delft, Netherlands and Brisbane, Australia, Feb 22, 2021- Cyberloop – an innovative startup developing products in the area of digitalization and AI-driven automation for energy markets, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a build partner. By joining the program, Cyberloop will have access to cloud-based tools to fast-track development of advanced cloud solutions to accelerate the market launch of diverse Cyberloop products.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work as a build partner in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program in such an early stage of our company. By joining Google Cloud Partner Advantage,, we can not only accelerate our development program, but also strengthen our position in the market. We’re committed to finding solutions for a next revolution in energy and mitigating the effects of climate change,” said Dr. Sergey Ziatdinov, CEO and Co-founder of Cyberloop. This announcement further strengthens Cyberloop’s capability for deploying products that require advanced technologies. The partnership also underpins Cyberloop’s efforts to make the technology cost effective and accessible to everyone in the energy industry.

Bringing together Google Cloud’s technology services with Cyberloop’s understanding of complex transformation solutions, the partnership supports our customers to:

  1. Decarbonize energy production and reach net zero target
  2. Enable newer sources of energy from Hydrogen, Geothermal and Wind
  3. Explore and produce copper, nickel and other energy related
  4. resources in the most sustainable and cost-effective manner

Our focus industries in rolling out Energy 4.0 include:

  1. Oil & Gas through automation and creating smart digital assets
  2. Geothermal through integration of AI, remote controls and automation
  3. Mining through bringing sustainable digital solutions to enable
  4. resources required in a new net zero carbon economy
  5. Wind through digitalization and remote monitoring


CYBERLOOP, founded in 2020 helps create environmentally friendly solutions for data monitoring, analysis and remote control. They let our clients make a step-change in their working processes and achieve net zero in their operations while improving operational performance. Our web application connects with sensors to stream data and other valuable information to the CYBERLOOP cloud, which allows users to access it at anytime from anywhere in the world. Cyberloop’s platform is designed to take advantage of modern Internet tools to support Energy 4.0, the next revolution in energy, through a holistic physical and digital approach to enable better value creation and efficiency through Digitalization, AI and Automation.


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