Data acquisition

  • Collects data at sight
  • Direct connectivity to the cloud
  • Historical and real-time access
Cyberloop’s AI based Data Acquisition System enables smart connectivity to your asset. Specially designed for mining, the systems are made to operate in remote mines and in the harshest of conditions and are fit for purpose for various mining equipment.


  • Data access from multiple systems
  • Quick access to a variety of data
  • Advanced reporting specific to drilling
Cyberloop’s Drilling recorders are designed for the mining rig market. They feature a fit for purpose sensor suite, data acquisition as well as software packages to collect all information pertaining to drilling from small Blast rigs to bigger SIS Rigs.

Engineering & analytics engine

  • Engineering data
  • KPI
  • Analytics for optimization
The Cyberloop ecosystem features an advanced and powerful AI System that collects and mines information from the connected sensors and information entered by operators. AI engine includes a drilling dynamics module that incorporates Bit savers and equipment savers to manage and mitigate different drilling conditions.


  • Removes directional drillers from site
  • Permanent directional drillers on a project
  • Reduces decision time
The Remote Directional Driller monitors and supervises the system remotely. Not only does the system take away manual effort and data entry from the directional driller, it also closely watches the equipment and process for any deviation from the normal including human mistakes like improper orientation, torqueing downhole, washouts, badly executed slides etc.


  • Consistent slide quality
  • Effective weight transfer
  • Smoother wellbore with less tortuosity
In an automated mode, Cyberloop’s Directional drilling suite automatically sends the slide instructions to the Rig’s PLC and executes the slide. This ensures that every slide is executed at the highest quality without any intervention from the Driller.


  • Amplifies benefit of process and machine automation
  • Full section drilling
  • Advanced process control and efficiency
Cyberloop’s Level 5 automation includes full section drilling to execute an entire section. In partnership with rigs that can automate pipe handling, the Cyberloop system drills the entire joint without any input from the operator. All auxiliary parameters are followed to drill the entire section, according to the wellplan.

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