Key Benefits

No errors

Fully automated mode ensures no human error.


Scalable across multiple rigs with the same driller managing multiple rigs

Higher quality

Increase in wellbore quality.

Better performance

Increase in performance through repeatability.


Full control:

– Intelligent Auto Driller taking over driller’s joysticks
– Interface with existing rig control system
– Computer-based coordination of mud pumps, top-drive and hoisting functions
– Consistent/repeatable vs human performance
– Uses hole condition monitoring data
– Incorporates MWD, DD, driller and survey expert


– Connection time improvement
– Back to Drilling (B2D)
– Drilling with ROP Optimiser
– Torque (Stick-Slip) or Vibration
– Oscillation Drilling
– Automated Sliding
– Bit Guidance System
– Survey Capture
– Friction Test with real-time torque and drag
– Survey Correction
– Full section drilling with automated pipe handling rigs

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