• CYBERLOOP (Acquisition of SWMSLive package from SWMS and Shell Licenses for Drilling Automation)
  • SWMSLive Rebrand
  • SWMS
  • Shell R&D + Shell Wells

What makes us different

Data acquisition & Analytics

  • Result of over 13 years of R&D with multiple teams with initial investment from Shell.
  • Cyberloop proprietary security protocol and practices to manage PLC to PLC.
  • Comprehensive data collection up to 5 Billion points a day
  • Cyberloop proprietary PLC interface system ensuring integrity and security of Rig’s PLC. Certified by and compliant with best practices in the process control sector. Tried and tested on multiple PLCs across multiple rigs in different countries. Ability to host certain features without the need for a PLC.


  • Cyberloop Automation tested over 300,000 m of drilling
  • Drilling Automation modules include drilling services like Directional Drilling, Mud Services, Hard rock drilling capability
  • Advanced drilling sequences including slide control, wobble steer and compatibility with Stick slip prevention systems

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