Key Benefits

Tiny Sensors

Fit for purpose for tiny sensors enables monitoring of smaller installations like pumps, environmental sensors, ventilation shafts etc. Tiny sensors can be embedded to monitor single or multiple parameters and Cyberloop’s data acquisition system connects seamlessly to these sensors reducing cost and increasing monitoring of hard to access assets: Fixed or Moving.


Cyberloop connects to any PLC enabling live and historical access to the PLC. Unlike traditional Data recorders, Cyberloop data recorders are cloud connected, enabling live access to the PLC data as well as a historical record. Each PLC channel can be configured for smart alerts and notifications, enabling must faster reaction to events and incidents.

Moving plants

Cyberloop provides a quick and efficient way to connect engines, compressors and installed sensors on trucks, rigs, cranes and other moving equipment. Onboard diagnostics capability enable advanced alerts and notifications.

Safe and Secure

Cyberloop’s system enables advanced connection and data security through proprietary protocols. Integrated security enables the final footprint of the products to be small without having to make compromises. All in one solution enables faster digitization of your projects.


For maintenance teams:

Empower next generation maintenance workflows with easy access to your equipment and assets. Combining the acquisition systems to Cyberloop AI Analytics enable advanced preventive and predictive maintenance on assets. Smart alerts provide an early warning system which are not0 reliant on experienced human operators.

For operators:

Black box for operators to quickly have access to data for faster and sharper operations.

For field operations:

Enabling ability to quickly sensorise a field enables better faster and clearer decision making.

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