CYBERLOOP develops innovative solutions for the companies engaged in the energy industry to perform data monitoring, analysis and remote control. Our web application connects with sensors to stream data and other valuable information to the CYBERLOOP cloud, which allows users to remotely access all the collected data for analysis, control and support.

Optimize your working process

With the line of CYBERLOOP products
Whether you need to install a few sensors to get real-time data from your working system or be in control of all the processes, CYBERLOOP offers ready-to-use solutions based on Machine Learning and AI.

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Developing software, CYBERLOOP takes into consideration environmental and safety issues aspiring to preserve our planet and make lives better. We help our clients make technology natural.


Cyberloop builds innovative solutions to perform environmental monitoring which helps our clients to reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption. Cyberloop also develops advanced drilling solutions for geothermal industry. Our ultimate target is NOT only to be CO2 neutral company, but also assists our clients to achieve this important goal in preserving the Earth for our children.


Cyberloop digital remote monitoring removes your personnel from the red zones and reduces the exposure to the hazards and risky operations. Drilling and directional drilling automation suites allow your employees to work from the office and cut down the number of required visits to the drilling site and minimizing the risk of the driving.

Performance management

Collecting data from your equipment, sensors and legacy software systems is only half the battle. The real value of digitizing your operations lies in faster decision making process. Cyberloop digital solutions provide access to all your field data wherever you are in the world and at any time. Our built-in, customizable dashboards and reports improves your operational awareness. With our solutions you will be able to monitor the progress of your drilling operations across your rigs.

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