Key Benefits of AI Analytics

Drilling dynamic module

Through advanced data processing on site, Cyberloop provides drilling dynamics with Rockstrength and Drillsaver​.

Predictive maintenance

Using data from C-DAQ or any other data acquisitions system to anticipate potential issues with equipment or in the working process.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time MSE (Mechanical Specific Energy) monitoring for rock strength classification, hole cleaning index and early bit wear detection.


User-friendly visualization module helps driller immediately react on issues and enables perfect weight transfer and suitable settings to minimize energy wastage.


Full control over the processes:

– Early drilling anomaly detection
– Real-time Friction Factor monitoring index to indicate hole cleanliness and drag coefficient
– High-speed scanning of Drilling Dynamics parameters
– Energy profiles tracking on multiple RPMs to detect flounder point
– Prediction of potential issues with equipment or in the working process before such issues lead to failures, breakdowns during operations or process interruption

Equipped with alerts and prompts:

– Stick-Slip alerts and advanced diffT alerts
– Drilling failure mechanism detection
– Torque power spectrum
– String stretch and top drive vibration detection
– Advanced drilling advisory module

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