Data acquisition

  • Collects data
  • Transfers it to the cloud
  • Monitors equipment remotely
Specially developed, Cyberloop DAQ (C-DAQ) with its bespoke set of sensors, records and transfers data to the CYBERLOOP cloud. That allows our client to monitor their remote equipment 24/7. Due to the advanced scalability C-DAQ provides opportunity to monitor both solely installed sensors (like wellhead pressure sensors) and PLC driven equipment, like diesel generators, cementing units.


  • Drilling process monitoring
  • Drilling advisory system
  • Remote and on-site control
Cyberloop EDR was developed to fulfill high requirements of the oil and gas industry. With a customized set of a wide array of sensors, the EDR is modular and scalable from small workover units to advanced triple rigs. It monitors and advises the drilling process on-site and remotely.  With our EDR your drilling operations will be 100% under control.

AI analytics

  • Prevents equipment failure
  • Provides minimum bit wear
  • AI based analytics system
Our advanced advisory system improves your drilling performance. Built on top of our C-DAQ Cyberloop advanced analytic module assists our clients in equipment failure prevention. CYBERLOOP onboard Drilling Dynamics Module contains ROCKSTRENGTH & DRILLSAVER and guarantees your ROP at maximum rate with minimum bit wear.


  • Provides highest ROP possible
  • Improves drilling quality
  • Reduces drilling costs
Cyberloop DD Suite ensures significant reduction of directional drilling costs through Consistency in borehole drilling quality and highest ROP possible. It reduces HSE exposure for you personnel. Due to scalable model one remote directional driller can simultaneously supervise multiple rigs.


  • Automates drilling process
  • Uses machine-learning algorithm
  • Improves performance constantly
Automated Directional Drilling Systems allows to remove human factor from your drilling performance and gives you a possibility to drill at the edge of your technical limit. Implemented machine learning algorithm provides constant performance improvement through using off-set well data.


  • Automates drilling processes
  • Ensures consistent ROP performance
  • Reduces damages to the reservoir
A closed loop system optimizes the drilling parameters whilst maintaining directional control of the wellbore through rotation and sliding. It ensures more consistent ROP performance and pressure limit control than human driller. Allows to educe and in some cases completely avoid damages to the reservoir which improves your future production.

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