Key Benefits


The systems are modular enabling standalone installations like depth sensors for quick digitization of existing rigs. Sensors can be easily added or removed for ideal drilling measurements.

Daily Drilling reports

Daily Drilling reports enables drilling activities to be easily captured and for a historical record for easy access.

Drilling monitoring

Enabling access to multiple systems, Cyberloop’s system enables monitoring of MPD systems, drilling problems and coring issues. The system is capable of high speed data access enabling advanced drilling detection.

Easy to use

Cyberloop’s UI is built on advanced mobile technology enabling quick and simple access to data from rigs. Multiple data channels can be easily added or removed and comments added to data for future reference.


Collects data like:

– Depth tracking;
– Torque;
– Hookload, RPM;
– Engines;
– Slips status;
– Compressor data;
– Drilling modes, GPS;
– Subsurface and geology data

Helps your team:

– Empower your drilling team to quickly visualize and diagnose drilling anomalies and problems. Historical access to wells enable a learning record to quickly set benchmarks and improve delivery for your clients.
– With live access to the rig, enables support from the office team as well as Geologists and clients to support rig operations.

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